Linking Of Twitter Account
June 04, 2017
Twitter Account Complete

We have completed a linking of twitter account. We welcome all our social media friends to visit and share this blog to their friends. Xietryx is under a test phase and will welcome any suggestions. We really appreciate your support as a friend, please share what you read from our blog with your friends and friends of friends.
Xietryx Platform
Adding more to it, we are updating our platform consistently making sure all necessary protocols are met. User Data Protection is a PRIORITY on Xietryx, our users can be rest assured their Data is in safe hands.

  Endorsing Xietryx ERM as a very good tool recommended for a complete HRM use. My administration now have easy access to almost all employee records we need. Our production is now at apex due to employee punctuality. Thanks to Xietryx.  

Alvin Yaw Cienfield
I-SAT Solutions LLC
Friends On Twitter

Hello friends on twitter watch out for more. The best is yet to come, say this to friends and friends of friends.
Xietryx Platform
What will you need from an ERM? talk to our support team, we will assist you to chose what is right for you.

Alvin Yaw Cienfield
I-SAT Solutions LLC

With Xietryx ERM, its possible to adapt any kind of solutions, be it Main Stream or Moduler Software. The future is bright and we believe working together as a team, will make it possible. Your suggestions and inputs are very much important to us.
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